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3 February 2018

Hey rockers!


As you guys are already aware of, music, nowadays, is basically free. And because we, the guys of Damn Dice, pride ourselves in wanting to move forward with the ever-evolving world, and being pioneers in innovation, we decided to EMBRACE this fact and give you ALL of our music for free!


In fact you can check out the SPECIAL EDITION of our first album "The Great Unknown" right here, on this YouTube playlist: - yep, just like that.

Also, for more regular content, don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel, by clicking of the link below:


Obviously, with this said, we will always have merch available for all those of you who need some sick looking t-shirts, CDs with creative artworks, and other awesome items. THIS is what keeps the band going so far, and will always enable us to keep everything moving forward, writing more music, making more merch, playing more gigs, and in more countries.


All your support is always appreciated. You guys have been amazing so far. Please help us take it to the next level!


Rock n' Roll!







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