Album Update

1 June 2015



We've been asked about the album quite a bit. What happened to the album? Wasn't it supposed to be out this May? So, this is an account of the situation as it stands now. I'm sure that anyone who is or has been involved in the "business" of music knows a bit about the B.S. that surrounds it and the kind of characters that are working in it. I'm not here to air any dirty laundry in public, but instead I want to just say where the album is and give an idea of why it's been such a long time coming.


As you may or may not be aware, it's now almost a year since we first entered the studio to start recording this album. No problems here, we recorded everything in familiar surroundings, the same place and with the same people as we did with our EP. So the album gets recorded and we plan to start mixing. This is where things started to get messy. We had started working with a certain company that promised certain things. Long story short we were led up the garden path. Strung along, lied to and ripped off. Luckily for us, and not for the first time, we were bailed out by our friend and producer Akis, who literally at such short notice got us in and did the album. He really was a top dude and will be missed.


So the album finally got completed and we are happy to say that it will be coming out and now we can actually say when (promise it won't change this time smile emoticon ). When you get knocked down, what else can you do but dust yourself off, get back up and keep going as best you can? Our album 'The Great Unknown' will officially be out THIS AUGUST (exact date TBC but we'll update as soon as we know).


Sorry about the long post. This is the condensed story of our album. I suppose every album must have its own crazy story, but I'm just sorry that it's taken so long. But yeah, this ball is now rolling so get ready to turn it up and play it loud!!

Have a rocking weekend!!



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