7 December 2018

Hi rockers,

Today, our brand new album "Thriller Killer" is FINALLY OUT!!!

Like we said on Monday, this is the result of 2 long years of sacrifice and immense dedication, working every day and night to make this second LP happen. We are proud of it and hope you like it as much as we enjoyed the creation process.

It would mean the world to us if you could order a physical copy of this album on our website. In 2018, buying merch from bands is STILL one of the best ways to support us! Please visit: ...

3 December 2018


Hey rockers!

We're immensely proud and excited to announce that our long-awaited album "Thriller Killer" will finally be OUT THIS FRIDAY!!! That's right, Friday, 7th December!

This marks the end of a nearly 2-year process in which every single one of us has been working 200% every day and night, to write, arrange, record and produce 12 catchy / heavy metal tunes!

This also marks our FINAL ALBUM... BUT!! That's actually great news! This means that from now on, you'll no longer...

29 September 2018

Hey Damn Dice Fans!

While the Pledge / Pre-Orders campaign for our final album is still running, we are releasing our monthly singles. And it's time it's getting HOT!

Here's "Fire Below", the second single from our FINAL album "Thriller Killer"!



Subject matter: No matter what your background is, the best person to achieve your goals in life will always be you and you only. So, grab your life by the b*lls and start living!


25 August 2018

Hey everyone!

Here's the new single "This Time", off our upcoming FINAL album "Thriller Killer"! 😈

If you've ever felt like you were going down the wrong track in life, this song is for you. It's never too late to turn it round and fight back 👊

Let us know what you think about it in the comments and support us by sharing the video 🤘



💿 Pre-order the album at 💿

Keep rockin'...

22 August 2018

The band has just announced the release of a second and FINAL ALBUM for the end of 2018. Final album? No more releases afterwards? Is the band splitting up…?

Lead singer Alex Davidson says the band has decided that “Thriller Killer” will be the last album that the band will be releasing the “traditional way”. Alex says “Despite our decision to make this our last album, this does not mean that the band is over. On the contrary, we feel like we are just getting into our stride. We will continue to...

7 June 2018

Hey rockers!

Here are some more dates to put in your calendar!

- 31st of August (Red Rum, Stafford, UK)

- 1st of September (O2 Academy Islington, London, UK)

We'll be playing with incredible bands Shiraz LaneToxicRoseFalling Red and Hell's Addiction!!

Big thanks to KOL Promotions for making this happen!

Come and headbang with us!!!


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