Hailing from 4 different countries, DAMN DICE members founded the band in 2011 in London (UK) and started getting a lot of attention for their music which mixes current low tuning modern metal vibe with hard rock vocals. Think GUNS'N'ROSES meets METAL! As a result, it's a modern sounding band with big bouncy guitar riffs, catchy melodies, sing along choruses, and guitar solos.


Live, DAMN DICE relentlessly entertain the audience with a proper Rock'N'Roll show. Expect jumping, headbanging, climbing stuff, spitting beer and running around like there's no tomorrow!


Creating a niche of their own with their ‘Too metal for the rockers, too catchy for the metalheads, too punk for the pop rockers, too heavy for the punks’ kind of music, DAMN DICE reinforced this idea by releasing an EP in 2013 and a debut album, ‘The Great Unknown’ in 2015.


Both releases were followed by an incredible response from the music industry, with music videos on rotation on Scuzz TV, interviews, features and reviews in MetalHammer, Classic Rock Magazine, and Kerrang and a large amount of radio airplay around the globe.


Incredible response from the fans has brought the band to play esteemed venues and festivals around the UK and Europe, such as Hard Rock Hell Festival, Breaking Bands Festival, and the prestigious Electric Ballroom of Camden Town, UK.


DAMN DICE are currently in the process of releasing a second album with producer James Loughrey (Queen, Def Leppard, The Darkness, Skindred,...) for the end of 2018, which will play a great part in the adventure of the band. Be there!




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